A Guide To Choosing The Best Whole House Water Filter

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The importance of clean water in our day to day life cannot be understated. In fact, the United Nations classifies clean water as a primary human right and urges people to purify water at all times.Unfortunately, most of the water flowing into a majority of homes is contaminated to some degree due to industrial and environmental pollution.Purification of water for drinking, cooking, washing and other users is, therefore, critical considering that average a person uses up to 50 liters of water daily.

If you’ve been drinking water from the tap, you may not suffer health consequence immediately as the level of contamination may not be high.But over time, the consequence of drinking water that is not purified can cause chronic problems. One way to solve this problem is to use whole house water filter system. Such a system removes chlorine and another sediment from your water thus improving the water you drink or bath with immensely.

As mentioned earlier, a whole house water filtration unit can improve the quality of your water massively. But how does one go about buying one unit of the other? Well, there are plenty of reviews on the internet that highlight different purifiers, so it isn’t that difficult to nail the best whole house water filter system. But to buy the best water purification system, you first have to understand how they basically function. For starters, there are two types of whole house filtration systems namely heavy duty filtration system, and standard capacity water cartridge.

Types of whole house water filtration systems

Heavy duty filtration system

Uses high performing filter that can last up to 10 years. When you invest in this system, your water purification system will be sorted for at least 10 years before you can replace new filters. The filters are inserted in a tank to purify your water for a long long time.

Standard capacity water cartridge

This type of purifiers uses cartridges that are normally replaced each year. The system is considerably smaller, and less costly than heavy duty filtration system but performs a stellar job nevertheless.

Benefits of using whole house water purification units

While you can purchase filtration system that only purifies your drinking water, whole house filtration systems have many advantages such as:

Healthy showers and baths – you will enjoy showering and bathing in water that is devoid of any contaminants like chlorine or other mineral sediments. Your skin will be much healthier if you use uncontaminated water.

Your home appliances will last longer- chlorine and other sediments can shorten the life o your home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, pipes, etc. Whole life water purification system help your home appliances last longer

Bright, and long lasting clothes- This filters can also help your clothes last longer, while still retaining their shine since the water is softened, and devoid of any chemicals that can damage your clothes.

How to choose the best whole house water filter unit
Before you invest your hard earned money on a whole house filtration system, there are certain qualities you have to look at before you splash your cash. Here are some of the qualities to consider.

Flow rate

Ideally, when searching for a whole house filtration system, it is essential to go for a unit with a good flow rate. The flow rate is usually measured by the number of gallons per minute (GPM). A good flow rate should be around 20 to 40 GPM for contaminants to be removed while maintaining decent water pressure. Without good water pressure, you might not be able to run appliances such as the shower, faucet or washing machines.

Large filter

You should buy a unit with a large filter as it’s the size of filter that determines the flow rate.Additionally, smaller filters usually break down more often compared to large filters. A decent filter should be able to filter at least 100,000 gallons of water.

In the end, instead of investing your money into several water filters, you should invest your cash on a single whole house filtration system to clean your water. You can use filtered water for a host of things like drinking, cooking bathing, washing etc. The best whole house water filter system is one that has a good flow rate, large filter, has a certification etc. Luckily there plenty of reviews online detailing the best filtration system in the market; so important to go through all of them. One filtration system that we have seen in the news a lot is the AquaOx so that might be a good place to start with your research. Enjoy!

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